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 Posted: 2016-08-23 04:57 am
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Hi all,
How are you handling public while walking with your les partner? I can’t handle their staring and teasing. My girlfriend is a calm person and she is taking all these things very easily, but I’m getting nervous and angry all the time and used to shout at them. I can’t control my anger and I’m feeling insecure and the dirty looks of people are affecting my confidence. My partner is compelling me to get a personality disorder treatment with the help of an expert in Toronto to get rid of my insecurities and anxiety. Actually, I’m fed up with the public reaction. Why are they interfering in our life? We are having a healthy life and are not disturbing anyone for anything. Then why are they troubling us? I can’t even control my frustration. What am I supposed to do? How are you handling such people? Do I need a treatment to deal with them? Any thoughts?

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