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 Posted: 2016-07-24 02:37 pm
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Shale Stone


There seemed to be more Lesbians than Gay Guys in the crowds this year and there were no Speedo/Undie models like there were last year. IDK what the change is, just a natural paradigm shift or is Pride winding down as a gay guy event.  But, love is love and the Lesbians were showing it all over Lummus Park.
There Were Some Guy Couples

A Cute Lesbian Couple.
(Don't tell anyone but girls who look like teen boys really turn me on)

Holding Hands While Walking Down Street


A Couple Standing in Park

A Couple Sitting in Park

Cute Couple Embracing on the Sidewalk

Proud To Love Her

Keep Calm

Nobody Knows I am a Lesbian

Yes, there are Lipstick Lesbians.
(couldn't pass up this foto)

Even tho the gay male focus was diminished this year from what has been in past Pride events, I did enjoy myself hanging with so many like-minded ppl in my community.

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