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 Posted: 2016-07-24 02:36 pm
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Shale Stone


There were the usual Drag Queens on display


And, of course there had to be Cher at the Gay Pride event.

One of the few skimpily clad lads in this year's parade but there was no float of multiple buff guys in Speedos as we had in previous parades.
Cute Boy in Speedo on Float

At least there was this guy in his Diesel Undies to appease the old gay letches.
Cute Boy in Undies on Float

One of my favorite moments of these Pride events is to see ppl in attendance who could openly display their affection and enjoy the camaraderie with hundreds of others in the same head space.  I got a few good pix of some of the crowd.
This young man had all sorts of condoms in his Bikini and even had a few Magnums.

There is always some guy in a T-back and military boots

(BTW - This pic was deleted for "nudity" on Photobucket and when I contested it - He's on a public sidewalk on Miami Beach and not arrested - they deleted my account)
And then there are the more blatant advertisers. 

(BTW, I could see his ass thru the net shorts - not false advertising)

These guys looked so cute together, had to get a pic.

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