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 Posted: 2016-07-24 02:34 pm
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Gay Pride Miami Beach - April 12, 2015
By Shale

I attended the Miami Beach Gay Pride parade and festival today. It was not as crowded as in years past and there was a real lack of the floats full of Speedo Clad Buff Boys from various clubs. Only about 3 guys hot enuf to excite me.
First thing I saw when I arrived around 11 AM was this HIV testing truck, so I went in and got tested even tho I knew I was negative.   I do not engage in hi-risk sex but on the outside chance ...
(Yep, I was negative.)
HIV Test Truck

Then I cam across this Carnival Muscle Guy cutout and just had to do it.  I actually tightened my abs when taking this pic out of habit.

About Noon the parade started with the Miami Beach Cop Car that shows up at gay events.
Miami Beach Rainbow Police Car in Parade

Followed by other businesses and orgs that are gay inclusive.
There wasn't the huge "Dykes on Bikes" element that I've seen in other parades, but there were a few.
Dykes On Bikes

The Grand Marshall this year was the str8 Mario Lopez, tho a few of us think he is too damn cute to be str8.  It was hard getting a pic of Mario - he mostly looked at the hotel side of the street and there were inconsiderate ppl always blocking the view.


There were fewer "Legacy Couples" than in the past and they can now become married partners in Florida so that civil rights travesty has come to an end.
Legacy Couple Guys 35 years

Legacy Couple women 26 years

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