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 Posted: 2016-07-16 09:58 pm
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Shale Stone


Gay Pride Miami Beach
April 10, 2016
by Shale
It was a perfect day for a parade. The weather was sunny and cool so I put on my Bi-Pride T-Shirt and biked down to SoBe about 11 AM.  The parade starts at noon but I enjoy wandering around and mingling with so many like-minded ppl celebrating our minority of diversity.

As usual there was a mobile HIV testing vehicle, so I went in and got tested.  As predictable, I am still HIV negative.  I practice very low-risk sex but just on the outside chance, periodically get tested.

I came across these two female Miami Beach Police officers standing together and tho hesitant, I did approach them and ask if they were partners.  Partners on the department, not a couple. 

But, they had a good humor about it and even posed for an event foto.
I met another couple of younger female officers and commented about the pairing female partners.  I could not get a pic of them because they actually were a couple and it would have caused a problem.  However, I do appreciate the progress we are making in society.  
I did get a few pix of the parade and floats with performers starting with the Pride Colors being carried by a shirtless guy in swimwear on roller blades.  What could be more appropriate to start a gay parade.

He was followed by the usual array of marchers from Police and Fire Departments and vehicles. 

Then came the floats of commercial sponsors and gay-friendly companies as well as all the civic organizations in town.  This is what it is about, showing inclusion of our once closeted and denigrated minority. 
There was a float of "Legacy Couples" those who have been partners for decades, even before they could legally marry nationwide. 

This has always been an issue for they hypocrites who denounced same-gender marriage to see those partners who stayed together longer than the average heterosexual couples. 
Finally, what I like to see at a Gay Parade are the cars & floats of young buff men, dancing in briefs. 


Yes, I still enjoy the eye-candy of skimpily clad bare-chested young men dancing in the parade.
I also like getting a cooperative young man to pose with an old grampa - sort of a tourist pic: "Having a Great Time - Wish U Were Here."

The parade also had Parents Family & Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and this one mother making a statement of acceptance, which unfortunately not the attitude of so many families.

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