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 Posted: 2016-07-12 12:41 pm
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Hi all,
I’m new to this forum. My concern is all about my future. I’m a 24 years old lesbian and now in a search for the right partner. My parents are not allowing me to marry a girl. They are insisting me to get married to a man. But you know, I don’t have any feelings towards men. From my childhood itself, I loved to date with girls and even I had sex with a girl during my college days. She was my classmate. We were best friends and more than that. We had a chemistry with each other and some intense looks of her told us that she is more than a friend to me. Everything happened unexpectedly, it took us some time to digest that incident, but both of us enjoyed it. We had a great time. After studies, she got married to a man as per the decision of her parents. I don’t know whether she is happy with him, but I can’t even think a life with a man. So I’m ending up to get married to a girl I hope my parents will get convinced soon. I’m trying my best for that. The real problem is, it is very hard to find a girl with the same feelings and thoughts of mine. It will be awkward when I ask some girl that “Are you interested in me” or “Will you marry me”. So I’m planning to seek the help of a lesbian matchmaking service for getting the best match for me. Is it a right decision? What are the things that should be taken care while choosing a partner with the help of such services? How could I know that a girl suits me? I’m searching for a girl like my best friend. Even though she is married, still I have feelings for her. Can anyone give some tips to choose the right partner for me? Thank you in advance.

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