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 Posted: 2016-06-24 08:31 am
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Thank You,
I grew up in the 60s,70s America and had a horrible life as a young gay man.Trump reminds me of the era in American life that was not tolerant of our community.

I was in the thick of our movement in those eras. We had to fight hard for our recognized place in an UN-accepting time in our country.

We have made great strides in our civil rights. The two choices in this election are horrible.Bad to awful is what we have to accept?

My cousin (also gay) knew the Clintons on a personal level and thought they were the worst thing to come along the vial road to the White House.

Clinton only stayed with Impeached, low life Bill because she was using him as her resume for the Presidency. She absolutely hates Obama and had to eat a lot of shit for his fairy tale view of life.

She is a gristle, bitter and rotten to the core old bitch! because the Clinton's are evil two-faced liars. She and Trump are never did anything personally to help our community. We may be only 5% of the US population but we are a strong voiced community that has sway within powerful circles.

Trump is a low brow slick businessman in NYC where it is easy to take advantage of people.

I don't really know that much about him, just relatively not harmful to our community.

It is interesting to note that our community leaders were fiscal conservatives in the beginning but attacked and ostracized by religious zealots claiming to be Christians!

The "Christians" who have a whole lot of bad history made mortal enemies of the Muslim world. Virtually destroying great civilizations in the name of the "Lord" during the Christian Crusades.

Make no doubt about it Muslims hate us even more than "Christians" do.

When many of us were living in a strange sub-culture and persecuted by religious nuts. A friend of mine had to spend some time in prison for what comes naturally to us, was essentially put in prison because he was morally convicted because of who he was.

Granted this was back in the 60's and 70's but his time in prison was horrible. Contrary to what stupid Hollyweird
portrays us as it was truly hard for us to get a foothold.

You can here the history in my triad, simply because I lived it and have a formal education in history. I make these points because I want our younger brothers and sisters to really grasp the gravity of the great divide we face, they seem to have little knowledge of.

I was a democrat until around the time I came to the realization that Hussein Obama was actually a danger to our community. Duh what do we expect from a Muslim in sheep's clothing. Just think about what happened to Chris Stevens in Libya. Obama and Clinton put a death sentence on him, then ignored him when he needed us the most.

The POTUS and all the idiot politicians are sworn to uphold our Constitution which has worked very well for us that have drive and ambition. We beat those awful "conservatives" because we were smart and used the system to our advantage and earn money, hence power.The dims are the party of malcontents and we are not that. If their idea of protecting us is to take away our ability to defend ourselves because of the 2nd A. The very fact they are trying to strip us of our rights makes them NAZIS.

This country was never intended to give up our sovereignty and join the euro-trash and have our govt. run by an even more stupid govt. out of Brussels that is clueless and we would have no say who is allowed to come into our country. We are doomed as a community by these Criminals that "serve" the people.

Yes, they are criminals that have conspired and broken the oath they were sworn to uphold. Muslims truly hate our country for who we are and in particular, hate gays. We will face a persecution that will make Orlando look like a small unfortunate incident.

This country was really stupid and blind to an imposter who was raised by two Muslim fathers and raised in a Muslim school and home.

We don't need either of these candidates and we can change our future by once again taking our govt. back.

Don't forget we have the largest prison system in the world because of the Clinton's making an illegal law that persecutes the poor and downtrodden in 94 with the crime bill. Please don't vote for anyone that wants to take Americans guns away. My cousin who worked for the Federal govt is still on s no-fly list with no reason of explanation as to why. WTF?

Lets limit the terms of politicians and make the POTUS directly responsible and accountable to us. Limit the POTUS to business people regardless of gender, that know how to run a big business which is what our outrageous politicians who are mainly lawyers, have rigged laws illegally to their benefit.

Many of us have had several successful businesses and have thrived because we have some of the best and the brightest as business leaders. Just keep big govt out of our way.

Best, may we all thrive and strengthen our community and never be dicked over by idiots. Just look at that moron Pelosi and the child molester Hastert. Not the best or the brightest by any bar of measurement.


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