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 Posted: 2016-06-18 10:48 pm
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As a 60 yr. old gay man and growing up in a time in this country during all out attacks on gay men. My life was not easy for me in my early years.
Both my partner and I have been the victims of phobics and we both endured violent attacks when we lived in NYC and DC.

Times are much better now without everyday persecution.
I have been a life long Democrat. But I am done with the dims and becoming independent.

I can't believe Hillary is the best we could offer up. She is a power lusting crazy that I will never get behind. She wants to disarm us and says so all the time. She wants to destroy our right to protect ourselves. The only thing she and Obama have in common is destruction of our right to protect ourselves by owning firearms.

My partner and I both own guns and carry them everyday legally. Why in these dangerous times do they want to disarm us. If any of our brothers and sisters had guns on them, perhaps the Orlando tragedy would have turned out differently.

Hillary is concealing the fact she does not believe in same sex marriage, but lies and says she is for it. She is married to a slimy guy who took multiple trips with another pervert to a private island (name orgy island) and raped underage girls!

My Cuz worked for the Federal govt during the Clinton years and as a fellow gay man said the Clinton's are the worse kind of people. Her husband was impeached and she thinks she is entitled to the White House. I don't understand the woman platform and the support for her.

We are ready as a nation to have a woman POTUS but she is an awful choice and will prove so if we are stupid enough to give her the office. I Hate Trump and the GOP ilk.
and cannot envision him as POTUS. But if he is the only candidate to not take our ability to defend ourselves I will have to take a really hard look at a woman who wants to subjugate our citizenry. I am all for not letting a certain segment of America not being allowed to have firearms.

Religion has FU this world. Now we have to deal with Muslims that hate gays and want to persecute us again. How does taking our ability to own and have guns away going to keep us safe? The Clinton Foundation has taken money from sources that hate women and the LBGT community.

We should really be finding a good prospect from our community to run for the highest office. No more lying to us and representing themselves as sympathizers
to our minority communities.

Okay, I apologize for the rant but happen to be cruising the net looking for outreach to the people murdered at Pulse and saw this post on horrible Clinton. She is no friend to us or anybody for that fact because all she wants is power to exploit us all.

We don't need a mean mommy as President. I am a NO WAY gay to what the dumocRATS want to get us to support their candidate. I will probably vote for Bernie even though he never had a chance against the scummy Clinton's

It is not my intention to cause negative feelings with my bros & sisters. But we cannot be part of this awful person's sick ambition.

I really hate politicians. Let's organize and find in our own ranks someone that is not a poser.

All my best and heart-felt sympathies to our Orlando community. Look forward to participating on other things here.


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