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 Posted: 2016-06-03 11:10 am
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Hi. I had the habit of watching videos of girls kissing since 5th grade. I really liked the video I imagined myself in the video making out. Then it hit me I was a lesbian and understood why I loved watching those stuffs when my friends used to hang out with their boyfriends. We had a girls party at my friends house all of the girls were sitting in the hot tub sharing their secrets and crushes. I never had any. I had attraction only towards girls that too my best friend. I was actually scared to tell that because I was scared whether it will affect our friendship. But one day I saw her with a boy and felt very jealous. I opened up my mind to her and she couldn’t digest it and that was an end to our six year long friendship. It took me 2 years to recover from it. Now I understood that I can lead a life only with a lesbian and I’m not sure whether there are lesbians in our locality. I’m planning to register in a lesbian matchmaking service in Toronto
But will it really help??

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