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 Posted: 2016-06-03 05:24 am
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I am Lesbian...

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I consider myself [Screw that, I am] lesbian so I just wanna have a conversation...
About myself: Let's see... I'm the average American girl. Brown hair cut like a boy's, green eyes, wears superhero and nerdy stuff. Tends to draw a crap ton of rainbows.
Parents have no clue. Suuuper religious so I'm terrified of getting disowned and rejected. But they're also super clueless, [and because of my love for rainbows they call me "rainbow girl" which is pretty ironic] and I'm just looking for anyone kind of in the same boat as me. I have zero knowledge of how to be lesbian [obviously be myself but I just really discovered my attraction in october last year (2015)] and I'm the epitome of clueless so... a little help? Google seems to hate me [and love me, since it brought me here :) so...]

"The world tells us
If we do or don't belong
And then there are the people
who ignore the world
and everyone in it
and seek to create a place
where no one will feel invisible
ever again."
~ Anonymous
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