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So I'm a freshmen at a christian school in Texas and Texas is generally known for a lot of Religious people. I fit in okay, I don't really care about popularity or drama. I keep myself well spaced from it. I find myself as a good therapist for my class for whoever needs it, I don't generally take in drama that's like "Oh this guy hit on me and he wont text me back" but if it's something serious like abuse, emotions, or family problems I'm your gal.
  I've known myself bisexual for three years now and I've usually had to hide it. When I was in 7th grade I tried coming out but I was immediately pushed away and ignored. It took me two years to get my "I'm okay, not creepy" rep back up. After I had accomplished that, I succeeded in making Junior and Senior friends on my freshmen year. I have no friends in my class, nor do I associate myself with them other than counseling or helping with homework. I'm rather proud of myself to get myself friends as upper classmen, though I know I won't see them after they graduate.
 My parents? Oh touchy subject. My dad moved out when I was in 6th grade but I really didn't care. My parents fought on and off and I knew they were going to get divorced soon. I eventually got over the fact that my dad's a douche and the world can continue to go round. The only thing about the divorce between my parents is they try to use me as their "spy" on the other parent. That I don't care about, I'm completely blunt and honest and say "Grow up, they're gone, get over it."
 I've established myself as a video game player. I play games within Xbox 360 to MMOs (Multiplayer Online Games). One certain MMO had finally made me realize why I acted certain ways and do certain things. It wasn't the game that opened my eyes, it was the people. Most Bi/Lesbians on the MMO are usually sluts and just try to do Internet Sex. I admit, I've done it a few times and it's okay in my eyes. One girl had gotten my attention recently and we had started talking. We eventually switched numbers and started texting each other.
 My mother pays for my phone which is known as the iPhone 3G. I have a code on it so my parents nor my friends can break into it. Unforunately on Christmas this year my dad convinced me to give him the code or he'd keep it for the rest of my life. I couldn't handle that, I admit, I enjoyed talking to the girl from the MMO. I told him and figured he wouldn't go through anything important. When he typed in the code, it was on the texting conversations with Caroline. I felt like a complete moron and broke down crying. (Just fyi, I never cry) My father and step-mom called me evil, demonic and that I'm basically going to hell. This has become a weekly thing now. I've gotten used to the emotional and verbal abuse, and I've learned to adapt to it.  I know I'm better than that, if I love a certain person, then that's it.
 So far I've been decently well in my life, I've started playing softball, getting myself involved and working on my grades. The girlfriend stage hasn't quite developed yet, but then again there's no Bi girls at the christian school I go too.

All I have to say is from my life story. If people tell you that you're demonic, stupid, anything that's basically insulting, you're better than that. Just because you love a person doesn't mean you're wrong. We're humans, we're going to love someone no matter what. Even if it's someone over the internet. Don't let people who are jerks get you down, cause trust me, I'm still fighting.

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