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 Posted: 2016-01-24 03:28 pm
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I guess I am in the same dilemma as you. Not knowing what a straight girl mean. You get as me some signals. Her "I'm straight speech" could be just a way for her dealing with the fact that she's into you but still afraid of those feelings. Me being unsecure makes me do strange things. But asking around if you're single - I would only try to get that kind of information if I'm interested. Why else being curious? Find out if you're a potential new drinking buddy?
And writing down her number. I don't think it's too active. And why did she call from her cell when she could have used a company phone? Maybe she wanted you to see her number. And texting for hours. For me time is precious. I don't use on people not interesting. So I would definately not text with somebody more that a few text if it was a random person/new person.
If someone was acting like that to me I would get the feeling that she was into me. And I too would find her "I'm straight speech" confusing.
Hopefully you'll get some more clues of her. Maybe you already did?

Would be interesting to hear how it turns out.
And if you want to - please look at my thread. Maybe you have some ideas for me?

All the best,

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