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 Posted: 2015-11-10 02:56 am
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Hi, I know I'm not exactly the most experianced person to talk to about this specifically, I identify as gender fluid, but I certainly can understand the question. As a biological male from a family that ends up with what I can only discribe as mideval level guys, people who would strive in a cartoon set in that age in just about any position... at least as a stariotype. But that being said I know that I dont end up looking female to many people and that can be a bit of a problem as long as that's what I want in a moment. While I can understand that this can be hard, I know that I have trouble making a decision, I'd have to say that trying to look more like how you identify would certainly help the adserver. I plan on trying to look more androgynys in life, but at least for a while I'm going to do that on a pure surface level and I think you just need to think of what you realy want. Another question, in my opinion, is your sexuality and how you feel about it because after a certain point that's certainly something to look into. Anyway, thank you for your time ^-^

I run a board at that I have as my senior project for Highschool and I need guinea-pigs. If you are a highschool aged person please come over and check it out. Thank you ^-^
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