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 Posted: 2015-10-17 07:59 pm
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Thank you, 72jay. I am trying to build up the confidence to make the trip down there (it's Austin, Texas, a great town by the way). I did find a current website for LGBT events, news, issues, etc in Austin last night, and they had a list of businesses and organizations to support that are supportive. You know the drill.

Anyway, there is a place with a bunch of social workers (mostly women, which really helps for me personally). They advertise these issues, exactly what I was looking for, and even offer a 20 minute free assessment. That is also important, because I don't know how to pay for a session without having to first have THE TALK with my wife. I don't know how to have that talk with her, until I can talk with a social worker to try and find out what is going on and what I should do. I hate the 'rock and a hard place' scenarios, but that's just where I find myself currently. Oh well.

I'm really not the type of person to hide under the bed or behind the couch when times get tough, really. However, this has really been difficult. I am just so afraid to waste any more of my life. Feels like I wasted so much already. Don't want to think about that, though. I'm still young, so I need to do something now to figure out what comes next.

Thanks for the kind words about serving. It was a great job, and a crazy way to hide myself. Honestly, it forced me to try to "man up" and pretend to be "one of the guys" everyday. Which, in a sad way, helped me to stuff myself in a box under that bed I just said I don't hide under. Crazy, I know. I really don't look anything like a big Army guy. Pretty average height, but real slender with small hands, feet, wrists and frame really. Always got me made fun of for being so "girly" -- and I would think "If only you knew..."

Sorry. Thanks again! You all are too nice, and you have really given me strength that probably wouldn't have manifested on my own here in this town. No joke.


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