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 Posted: 2015-10-11 05:03 pm
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I've been in a relationship with a woman now for nearly 8 years and we live together. All my friends know and I have a sibling who knows but my parents and the rest of my family do not know, (or if they do, they're not saying they do)

When I was first getting together with my partner, my mother asked me at the time, and I didnt even know what was going on myself, so in a confused state, I denied it. As time has gone on, its just got worse and worse and now not only do I think they'll not be happy about my relationship, they wont be happy that I've not told them for so long.

My partner has put up with it for a long time now and I'm starting to lose her. My family occasions/get togethers and christmas are hard because she is not involved.

I dont know how to tell them, Im so scared. Friends tell me they probably know but if this is the case, why havent they said anything? And they still say things that make me think they dont. Id say it was pretty obvious, we live together, go on holidays together, take the same time off, do everything together. But then sometimes they say something that makes me think they dont know. :?


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