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 Posted: 2009-07-09 07:35 pm
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:cool:  Sure, I'll be the first to share! 

My partner and I have been together for 22 years now.  We met in San Francisco and at the time marriage between same sex couples wasn't really ever talked about or considered.  In fact, being monogamous was not very popular either!  As more and more time went by, and the feelings we had for each other grew richer, we decided to get married.  Well, maybe, at first, it was for the ring ......

We decided to get married in Vancouver and then have a honeymoon on an Alaskan cruise.  The wedding ceremony was so wonderful!  In the end it meant so much more than just a ring. 

In Vancouver, the first step is to go to the government office that issues the paperwork.  We walked into the government office with some hesitancy thinking we would be given attitude or funny looks.  It was quite the opposite.  The woman was friendly and no one in the room seemed surprised or taken back.

The next step is to have the actual ceremony performed.  There are folks there who specialize in actually performing the ceremony - and it isnt' necessarily religious.  I forget what their title is.  We found a wonderful woman through a friend and she did the ceremony in her home.  The words of the ceremony were so beautiful that they brought us both close to tears!  The depth and beauty of her words went far beyond the standard wedding vows.  After the ceremony we took a cab to the cruise ship and we were off on a wonderful honeymoon.  After the cruise we met up with some friends for the Vancouver Gay Day parade which was a blast and compared to the SF one for sure!

Speaking for myself (and I believe my partner feels the same), getting married had an impact on me - even though its not valid in the states.  The ring is an everyday reminder that there is someone in my life who is committed to me forever!  Thats not to say I didn't realize this before the ring.  There is just something about that ring that feels so right and comfortable on my finger!  ;)

It was well worth the experience and if it ever becomes legal in Ohio, I'll get married again!


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