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 Posted: 2015-07-22 07:22 am
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I'm the proud father of a trans teen who is off to college. he/she (i'm still trying toget it straight, no pun intended) is a fantastic kid who came out openly to us after a few years of trying to categorize himself. I missed many years, due to work and maybe because of who I am. I'm a retired cop, a biker, and politically conservative. But Adam has opened my eyes and I am completely accepting of him. He has done a lot of work and self sacrifice for the LGBT community. The reason I joined is to find ways for making up for lost time. I love him unconditionally. I almost lost him when he was still Kate and the young age of 13. He has blossomed into a magnificent adult who admittedly is a better person than I. I'm pretty sure this isn't the right place to put this into these words, but I had to write it cathartically. Every time I try to have dialog with him I sound like an idiot. I love him and wish we had better communication so he would know that.

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