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Seven Sages is a story driven RPG, set in the disunity period of ancient 3rd century China. Seven Sages offers a thoughtful and sensitive portrayal of characters that have meaningful stories and experiences of interest to all gamers including those of the LGBT community.

In a time of great social upheaval the Seven Sages fought for peace. The expansion of the Zhao Empire meant constant warring and a bloody death for countless soldiers. The Sages didn’t believe in solving problems with violence, but when they were left with no other choice each was a master in the art of Wushu.

Play sixteen story driven missions and side quests. Battles unfold in a hybrid of real time and turn based battle, using a system called "Active Dimension Battle" in Final Fantasy XII style with a mix of stealth action, turn based battle, (Wu Wei) passivity - no kill options and items, dungeon crawling, and engaging puzzles.

Find, manage, and take independent control of each of the Seven Sages.

Your Enlightenment Journal keeps track of your interactions during gameplay and dialogue sequences assigning positive negative and neutral points, which can initiate your character to level up or down and their level of Fame or Infamy. E.g. Killing innocents, stealing from NPC’s, or helping wounded animals and people in need.

Discover Procedurally Generated dungeons with both fixed and randomized loot.

Collect common and rare materials to create 18 different weapons, armours, and types of jewellery. There are 3 different levels of quality. Each can be fused with 7 different varieties of enchanted gemstones for endless variations in an elegant Smithing and Crafting system.

Forage the wilds for alchemical ingredients to create precious metals and more than 30 different potions, poisons, elixirs, and acid, flash, gas or smoke vials or brew and distil beer, wine, and spirits to let off steam at night and inspire great works of art, or collect psychedelic plants and trip the cosmos as you meditate on deep Taoist ideas.

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