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 Posted: 2015-06-21 03:53 pm
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I know that we all hate those begging posts and while I want to say that this post is different well, it isn't. But please just continue reading.

I was working for a company, I had a good paying job and made good money. I requested time off for my wedding and someone informed the owner of the company (I worked for the corporate office) that I was marrying a woman. Now, I grew up in a small town and discrimination and judgement was nothing new to me. However, I was fired. Normally, this would have been just another loss in my quest to be who I was and I would move on. But this time was different.

My wife and I had started IVF. A very complex and expensive plan had already been put into place. We were taking her eggs and a donor that had my DNA in order to create a life that was in all meaning and purpose a part of us both.

We have made this journey and are at the final steps before crossing the finish line. We are literally one procedure away from becoming pregnant. There is a time crunch involved and we only have a very short time before we must start all over and to be honest we simply do not have the money to start from day 1 again and will forever lose our chance at having our miracle.

I will find another job. I am very smart, very professional and very good at what I do. But at this moment it simply will not solve our issue.

We are only 2,000.00 short of completing this journey. We started a gofundme in order to try to raise this money. We went into this knowing "people hate begging" "our friends and family are broke" etc But this is simply our only hope.

We are hoping that we can find people willing to at least share our page on their facebook or in other groups so that we can get the word out there and hope for the best.

Unlike these other gofundme accounts we aren't looking to get rich and anything over what we need to complete this process we plan to divide out to LGBT groups or couples in our position. We also plan to donate any unused eggs (fee free) to an LGBT couple looking to get pregnant. We don't want to "get rich quick" we just want to have our family complete.

So if you made it this far without getting bored and clicking away here is my great big hug to you. And if you feel compelled to donate we will forever be in your debt, if you can't afford to donate but are willing to at least share our story then we are equally in debt.

Much love to you,
Kelly Grove

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