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 Posted: 2010-11-24 10:57 pm
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Hi everybody,

My name is Tyler. I was born with female anatomy parts, however, I feel that i am a male. yet, I'm unsure because of a comment my transfriend made.
A couple of weeks ago, my trans friend told me that I wasn't a man, instead I was a drag king, which really upset me.

This conversion started because I told him that I did not appreciate him calling me a girl. He told me that he was confused because he said that I didn't mind him calling  me with a feminine pronoun. The reason why I don't mind people calling me a feminine pronoun is that I have gotten use to it, however, when they say I'm a girl, it ticks me off because they cannot judge me. He also said that my way of thinking proves that i'm not a man, but rather a drag king. He thought that i meant that me wanting to become a man was a choice, however that was not the case.

I told him that I was a female on the outside because that is how people will perceive me because of my anatomy parts. However in my soul and deep down, I am a boy. I feel like one.

And so i'm confuse. is what he says it true? that i'm a drag king. Cause all my life I felt like a boy even though I look like a girl.

what do you think?  

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