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 Posted: 2015-03-25 01:58 am
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DaveDodson wrote:
Admin wrote:
Hi Dave - I'm sorta curious why this subject has become important to you right now.
I'm not a transgender authority - but I think your comment that a transgender person is "rejecting their body" is in a sense right on.  They identify fully as the complete and opposite sex of what there body physically is.  It is difficult for them to be in their body. 
Try to imagine how you would feel if you woke up tomorrow in a woman's body. 

Hi Admin,

This has been something I have been thinking about for a while. I am a huge proponent of gay rights, but I've never been able to get past these personal issues when it comes to the "T" in LGBT.

I guess I feel like rejecting one's own body is/can be a type of self-hatred. I would worry that encouraging a trans person to identify as the opposite sex would encourage that self-hatred.

Again, just to be clear, I didn't come onto this board to try and convert or convince anyone! I promise I am only stating my views so that you might be able to answer my questions. I am really only here to learn.

Thanks for your reply!

i rarely get involved in such things due to opinions like this.

first a disclaimer - you will get as many "expert" opinions on what it is to be trans* transgender transexual as there are people on the planet (possibly more). what I will say here applies to me and only those who read it and say "me too".

my coercive birth declaration differs from who I am, this is a fact not my opinion. I know that I am female the same as I know I am human and it is not up for argument. This fact has cost me every member of my genetic family (my mom died not accepting me 30 years after transition).

I do not reject my body - nor is my body male, I am female and therefore my body is a female body even if people get weirded out when they look at me naked (a man who attempted to rape me decided instead to try to kill me once he got my clothes off). my body grew into the stereotypical phenotype that is designated male. Society has this obsession with stating that who you are as a person is entirely determined by what they think your body says. In future years I seriously hope this view is seen as being as antiquated as intelligence being able to be determined by the amount of melanin in your skin.

Nor do I hate myself. I "hate" (strong word) the way society insists that I behave because it chooses to define me by what a doctor checked off on the day I was born. I celebrate who I have become in life despite of what people have tried to do to ruin my life or even kill me. I am a strong woman and a staunch feminist. I live by very few social stereotypes. I wear no makeup, don't wear a bra (despite many people saying it is necessary or that it is too provocative for me not to wear one) (and yes I have obvious breasts), I don't shave at all (mildly hairy legs and pretty good tufts under each arm) so to claim my living as the woman I really am enforces social sexual stereotypes is ridiculous.

I just want to be "allowed" to live as the person I know I am, I am not hurting anyone by it so living my life as I am should be no ones business but mine and my doctors (they are the only ones who know, people in my regular life do not know that my birth declaration differs from who I am and how I live) (by the way this is called living stealth)

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