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 Posted: 2015-03-21 09:15 pm
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I just joined and I can tell we get a lot of these is he gay or bi stories, but mines is a little different. Please give me your advice.

2 years ago I became friends with a kid named Lets call him (aden). Well at first it started off as just a regular friendship we kinda only hungout a couple of times. I use to work at RadioShack and I helped him with his phone one day and he invited me to chill with him and his mom for the day. They didn't have much money living paycheck to paycheck I assume. He didn't really get along with his dad. So we hungout and after that we started to hangout a little bit more, and I started to actually feel for him. He smoked a lot of pot and was addicted to Xanax at one time. Before I met him tho. So one day he asked if I would spot him to sell pot. I said no the first time because I couldn't see myself doing that stuff. But oneday he need to go to school to get his parking pass for school and you have to have insurance to get one. I saw his mom literally fake an insurance card. I kinda caved and gave him the money. He failed miserably. And we stop talking for a couple of months. Not out of hate but I just had other things to do. Well in the beginning of last year. He asked my bestfriend why does jeremy hate me? And she told me what he said. So I texted him and told him there was no hard feelings. I even got him a bong to smoke his weed of lol. So then he saw that as a us being goodfriends still and we started to hangout more again. This kid has a good amount of friends. He's a little distance at times and he's hard to read. The only way you would know that I'm bi is if u actually know me for awhile. I don't really talk to girls so people I guess put 2 and 2 together. I'm not gay tho I've dated a few chicks but always wanted to see what the other side was like dating a guy. So as we hungout more I asked him if he wanted to give his selling a go one more time. I could tell he wanted to ask but didn't wanna seem like he was using me. So I said yes but I told him he would have to do things different and I would help. Aden was Half white half Hispanic and outside of being high the kid couldnt hurt a fly, but he was kind of a asswhole. I actually didn't have a sexual view of him until we started selling again. He literally wanted to hangout everyday. I thought he would just want the money and that's it. But no everyday he asked me to come get him we hungout so much it was unreal. We went to the movies every Tuesday. We drove around a lot. We just hungout. I am a big sports guy. I love sports and I'm very smart I plan to be a criminal defense attorney then hopefully a great politician. Aden loved comics and he like naruto and things like that. He was 17 I was 19. Me I didn't really care as much about it at first. But I could tell he loved it so I started to learn and watch too. As time went on I bought him a bong worth about 500 bucks I got him a vape that cost 375. One day I asked him to go get food for me and he totaled my car. I forgave him I guess I knew there was now way he could pay it so I put the wreck on my record and fix the car myself. After that time went on and my feelings for him grew. He started dating this one girl and still found away to hangout with me everyday. It confused me. So one day I built up the courage just to tell him that I was bi not that I liked him. And come to find out him and his gf broke up cause she was a lesbian. So I went ahead and told him that I like him and all he said was ok. After that I assumed he would kinda pull away from me just a bit. But instead the opposite happen. He got closer to me we sill hungout everyday. We talked a lot we still went to the movies. We still did everything, he then started calling himself perfect and saying stuff like I bet you wanna be deep up inside me. When Michael Sam got drafted he sent me a text about it saying dude the black guys boy friend is half white half Hispanic😉 he doesn't even watch football. So it confused me why he would say something like that's other than me being black and him being half white half Hispanic I didn't really get it. If you meet me u would think I'm the whitest black person you know. It all confused me because I asked him if it was possible we could be together and he said no. But all his actions said otherwise. So I started to push him away. And he wouldn't let me go. Saying stuff like your the only one trying to leave I'm not going anywhere and stuff like that's. People that know Aden, always wanted to know why he was so different with me than with everyone else. Tbh. I didn't even see the difference. Aden never really touched other people. But he pushed me and hit me all the time in a playful manor. One day I told him he was mine. And he said I've been yours this whole time. It all confused me but my other friends convinced me he was just trying to use me and I was stupid enough to believe them. Becuz he wouldn't explain he wasn't the most talk about my feelings type person. I was in love all I thought about was him Everyday. Then It got to the point where i couldn't do it he was saying no but showing yes and I couldn't understand it. So I finally said something that made him pretty upset and he hasn't talk to me since. He loves right down the street and I know I could get him back. But I want him more than anything in this world I don't think I could just be friends with him. Idk if it's becuz he's still in high school or what but I really think there was something. What do you think what yall say will determine if I try to get him back.

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