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 Posted: 2015-02-10 04:14 am
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I say that you should explore your fantasies for real.

In my case, having a lot fantasies with a person of my same sex (woman), was an indicator that I wanted that. And when I did it, I loved it, because it was "a dream come true." Though, the experience by itself did not determine my sexual orientation, because it is a process that involves time, personal thoughts and life goals, several experiences, etc.

It sounds cool that you can speak with your girlfriend about this. If she lets you experiment, then you could try it for real, without breakng up with her (because she is open to this).

But If I were you, I would break up with her 100% Because you have been together for so long. And you are having sexual fantasies that she can not fulfill. If she is an obstacle in sex matters, that is a real problem. No matter how much you love each other.

It seems that you do want to have other experiences, so you should try to make them happen.

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