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 Posted: 2015-01-15 11:19 pm
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For some reason we have a very shy community here.  People read other's posts, and share their own self-initiated posts, but not too many respond to other's posts.  Did that make sense?  There are a few people here and there who like to talk - seek them out. 

What you describe in your post is more normal than you may think.  You described exactly what it is like to slowing come to terms with one's own sexuality.  I remember when I first had feelings and fantasies about women.  It was confusing and I was still dating guys.  Then I moved to San Francisco and started really being with women and loving it.  Yet in the beginning I kept on dating guys for a little while. 

Eventually, I finally let myself accept that I am a lesbian and stopped with the guys all together.  After all, I might go out to eat with a guy but I wasn't even considering anything more intimate.

That was my experience.  Your's might be a little different.  We all fall somewhere between gay and straight.  You may be mostly gay but have some straight tendencies.  In the end, it isn't important to label yourself.  Just go with the flow and move toward those you feel attracted to.

You definitely seem to be hanging near the lesbian side of the scale ...;)  Enjoy!

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