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 Posted: 2015-01-10 04:45 am
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for most of my life i have considered myself straight, i have had multiple girlfriends that i have had sex with and enjoyed it very much. I started having male on male fantasies near the end of my last serious girlfriend a few years ago, and back then gay fantasies have counted for probably 35% of the fantasies I have rising to about 50%-60% in the last year. I have had a couple flings since then with females only. i have never had ANY sex with guys, i haven't even kissed a guy ] and the only guys i have been interested in are in p*rn. I'm not worried that I'm gay, if i am that's OK. but i never come across any guys i find attractive in my day to day life,even though i have a fairly strong urge to be with another guy, and still seem to notice females as much as i used to. I still enjoy straight p*rn but i can just as easily get off on gay p*rn , (but its more selective with gay p*rn) do you think this is just a curiosity? or am i actually bisexual or even having some weird transition period into my true gay feelings?

please give ANY HELPFUL thoughts you have

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