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 Posted: 2015-01-09 06:26 pm
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I also grew up in a Christian environment, which was very conservative over many things, including its views on homosexuality. I've brought up conversations about the LGBTQ community with my mom, but she does not support gay viewpoints either. It's difficult, but I realized that if she doesn't accept it, if, and when I decide to make it known that I am interested in women, then I don't need that negativity in my life. That being sad, it's usually not easy to let go of the people who have been so important to us while growing up, but sometimes it's necessary for our overall health. Some people's parents, friends and family are extremely supportive, however. You never know for sure how people react until you bring it up. I'm not saying that you should come out right now, I'm just putting some things out there to think about. I would get to know more about yourself and the LGBTQ community before making any decisions.

As for what you said about developing feelings for girls and the whole conditioning thing: I was raised in an environment where I knew zero lesbians and had little exposure to the LGBTQ community. So any thoughts I could have had running through my head about it didn't really have inspiration, because the idea that I could be attracted to girls was never brought to my attention until much later. I didn't realize the possibility could exist. It wasn't until I was already out of high school that I realized I had feelings for a girl that were so strong and unlike a "just friends" attraction that I began to consider that I could be bisexual, and then later, a lesbian. Once I saw how I could feel about girls, the feelings I had for guys just seemed minuscule in comparison. I just had to meet the right girl to draw those feelings out and show me what could be. The only person who can really know who you are is you, and that is discovered through time and honestly a whole lot of patience. Some people figure themselves out quickly and for others it takes longer.

I had do the same thing and separate myself from religion when I was really focusing on finding who I was. I'm still working on it, haha! But I realized one thing about that in all this, there's religion and then there's God. I think God doesn't really care about the color of our hair, what we like to eat, or who we love. I think he just wants us to know he loves us no matter what.

Don't worry, what you're saying makes perfect sense to me. I hope this stuff helps you!

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