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 Posted: 2015-01-02 12:03 am
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Hello all,

My name is Miranda, at least thats what I call myself to some people. For many years I carried a deep depression within in and I never understood its source until recently. About six months ago I came to the conclusion (realization?) that I am more comfortable with things of a female nature. It has been a roller coaster of the last six months as I tried to figure out what I am. Yes, I was born a male and have been one for 27 years but there was always something else and only now have I realised I wish to be more than what I was. I wish to be Miranda.

I can be extremely introverted so it was even harder for me to tell friends about my situation. I broke down and told my mother that had mixed results. Just six months into my journey I have discovered truths about myself but also more questions. My friend has begged me to open up to speak to other people through forums so thats what Im trying to do now. Right now Im just trying to find focus in my life as I explore this new side and figure out where I will end up.

Do I feel like a man? Yes

Do I feel like a woman? yes

Does this create a ball of confusion? Yes indeed..

Much of the confusion however lays in the fact that what I feel myself to be conflicts with gender stereotypes that have been long sewn into my existance and fighting against them is scary. Anyway I'm getting a bit long winded so I will end here. I just wanted to introduce myself and just get a little off my chest as its weight can be heavy.

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