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Here is a paragraph from Dr. Dwayne Dyer's book that discusses the Tao.  It addresses the concept of living with an independent mind - and having the inner strength - and enough trust in your own self-awareness - to be who you are no matter what anybody else thinks. This is the only path to true happiness and living a life that fits.

An excerpt from the Living With An Independent Mind chapter (a discussion of the 13th Verse of the Tao):

"The essential message of this 13th verse of the Tao Te Ching seems to be that it's crucial to remain independent of both the positive and negative opinions of other people.  Regardless of whether they love or despise us, if we make their assessments more important than our own, we'll be greatly afflicted.

Seeking the favor of others isn't the way of the Tao.  . . . You have a basic nature that is uniquely yours - learn to trust that Tao nature and be free of other people's opinions.  Allow yourself to be guided by your essential beingness, the "natural you" that nourishes your independent mind.


Lao-tzu wryly points out that pursuing favor is alarming, regardless of the outcome. If you gain approval, you'll become a slave to outside messages of praise - someone else's opinion will be directing your life. If you gain disfavor, you'll push even harder to change their minds, and you'll still be directed by forces outside of yourself. Both outcomes result in the dependent mind dominating, as opposed to the way of the Tao, in which the independent mind flows freely.


Practice trusting your own inner nature -

Every passionate thought you have regarding how you want to conduct your life is evidence that you're in harmoney with your own unique nature - your fervent belief is all you need. If you're tempted to feel insecure because others disagree with you, recall that Lao-tzu counseled that "seeking favor is degrading" and will lead you out of touch with your true self.


Respect your vision and trust your natural, passionate thoughts that are aligned with the loving essence of the Tao.

Ask yourself right now, "What's my own nature if I have no outside forces telling me who or what I should be?" Then work at living in complete harmony with your own nature, ignoring pressures to be otherwise.

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