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 Posted: 2014-09-21 07:30 am
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Right at one time i would say i was a crossdresser,i would dress up on the odd occasion,but now i think i have passed that stage,i am a bit more,i love dressing in feminine clothing,i love makeup,i love skipping down the street and smelling the flowers,actually i feel free,its amazing.Now i love being married,and i love being a dad but hey this other part of me i love also.Since becoming Wiccan and Pagan i have accepted who i am,i am exploring who i am,and i do not judge peoole,i accept them for who they are and i love everyone.I want to spread joy and happiness and love to everyone,life is wonderful,so you might think should i put confused,well deep down maybe i am more clearer now then i have ever been,my outer shell is male,my Goddess chose this shell for me soooo i will not go against her,but my entire soul,my entire being is female and i love it,i didnt just come out of a closet i jumped out screaming yoo hoo,heres the fairy queen.I am proud to be Wicca and Pagan and i am proud to be a member of this lovely group,LGBT RULE OK,much love xxxxx

Much Love and Hugs xxxxx
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