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 Posted: 2014-09-04 06:39 am
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After snooping thru my boyfriend's phone (SUE ME) I found social networks (tagged...badoo) that he had secret accounts set up where he would message transgender males looking to meet up for sexual things. we've been together since may. I found out about this in june. I confroned him about it and he actually admitted it the first time. Came clean to being attracted to "guys that are female" ONLY problem with this is that he does it behind my back. He is in what I thought to be a commited relationship with me, but has met with guys for oral sex. It disgusts me to know that he has and probably will always, cheat on me. Idk how to handle the stress of the situation because I cant broadcast his personal business and vent to anyone but him... :? It makes me feel inadequate and almost self conscious. But I cant help but to put myself in his shoes.

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