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 Posted: 2014-08-30 01:58 am
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Don't know if this goes here...but

Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some help with myself.
I've, for years now, been attracted to other men but I never had really accepted that and it was just an internal turmoil I've had.
Well about a year and a half ago I came out to my close friends and they were supportive and I even eventually came out to some co-workers. I moved back in with my family and really would not like them to figure out.
I just do not really know where I would fit in in the gay community. I know most people will just say 'be yourself', but from the handful of other gay men I have worked with and/or met I seems that some of the community is as divisive as people think.
I am an overweight guy (actively trying to change that, though) and I am hairy, have a beard, and am masculine...does classify me as a bear, chub, cub...or what?
One more question -- slightly off topic -- Where could I go to try to find a boyfriend? I have never really had the opportunity to before and I just wanna have a relationship, ya know.

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