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 Posted: 2014-08-26 04:27 am
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Hello everyone, my name is Randy.
I say that i'm new to being gay because I've only recently came out, and then only to some friends and coworkers. I haven't come out to any of my family yet because they are...well they are a bunch of homophobic people.
I have a step-sister who is a lesbian and they have given her absolute hell about it.
I hadn't been living with them for a couple years, but I had to move back in with them because I couldn't afford to go to college and rent anymore.
I don't have any gay friends, know little about the whole gay culture, and do not even understand my sexuality that well.
Growing up in a Christian household in the South had always taught me that being gay was wrong, but as I grew I developed attractions to other males and tried to suppress it.
Well, for a time after I graduated High school I worked construction and that changed me (hardened, I guess). I have become accepting of myself...but I am kind of in the dark because I just have no point of reference on the whole matter. Like I said, I have no gay friends and know almost no other gay people.
Sorry for the long post

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