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 Posted: 2014-07-20 05:11 pm
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Thank you for your reply, I've been hoping to get some help. The more and more I talk about it with my closest friends (who understand me) they almost immediately say "Are you kidding? She's horrible to you!". To me she's this perfect person, or rather she used to be...more and more I'm realizing that she's just not fair. You're right too, I never thought about it that way, how she has the best of both. When she wants attention from me, she gets it. When her hubby's around, she goes off with him.

Something a good friend of mine who's listened to be talk about this said "Would you be handling this different if she were a man? Would you even think twice?". That's such a solid point because my first instinct is to say "Hell no, I wouldn't stand for a cheater"....

I think at this point I really need to escape from it, which just breaks and breaks my heart....

" Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afriad" - Lady Bird Johnson
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