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 Posted: 2014-07-19 06:20 am
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Thank you for posting.  My immediate thought was that your girlfriend has it made.  She is married and living the acceptable lifestyle while also keeping you on the side so that she can satisfy her bisexual tendencies.  Her setup is perfect - for her.  Is it perfect for you?  It seems like you would prefer to have your main relationship with her rather than be her mistress. 

If you were also married - or had a significant other - and then kept her as a mistress - I would seem that the relationship is working.  But, if want you really want is a committed full-time relationship with her (or another woman) then I would say it is time to move on.  She is going to end up having kids and getting more and more in her marriage and you will get less and less.

Move on.  Find someone who will give you everything you deserve.  Keep her as a close friend.  It seems like you care for each other very much. 

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