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 Posted: 2014-05-05 03:40 am
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Hey guys! I'm a developer from Los Angeles, CA and I wanted to share a site I've been working on for years and finally launched a few months ago: Equaldex: LGBT Rights by Country

Thought some of you might find it useful!

Equaldex is aiming to crowdsource information about LGBT rights around the world, and display it in a visual and compelling way. The site provides people an accurate and comprehensive global view of LGBT rights, with the use of maps, LGBT rights timelines, LGBT public opinion surveys, statistics, and historical data in each country and region.

Here's an example of a region page: LGBT rights in Russia

Data is submitted by users, and then verified by other users.

If you have any knowledge about specific countries or states, feel free to contribute! Please let me know what you think!

Dan Leveille

LGBT rights by country
LGBT rights timeline
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