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 Posted: 2014-04-28 03:27 am
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This is probably is going to sound strange, but maybe someone can explain me to myself... I'm a 30 (will be 31 tomorrow) woman. Married for 11 years (to the greatest husband in the world :) ) with 2 kids.. I suppose I'm considered bi-sexual, I have had both boy friends and girl friends in the past as I'm honestly attracted to both. The honest truth though is that I've never been comfortable with being a woman... This is where I'm not sure I understand myself, I love my life, husband, kids, and family, and I've never told anyone this, but I honestly wish I had been born a boy, always have.. When I was younger I had been forced to hide my feelings about myself and I really don't understand them to begin with.. Am I crazy? stupid? Or does this make sense to someone out there? I guess what I'm trying to find now is people I can talk to about this who won't belittle me, make me inferior or act like I'm something less then human because of it... If anyone want's to talk please, please please feel free to do so.. 

If anyone is wondering about my user name, I've always liked the name Kurt. I like to think if I had been born a boy that would have been my name. :)

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