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 Posted: 2014-04-04 04:03 pm
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Hello, sorry to intrude, I am pro-gay rights, have gay friends, etc. :-)

A gay friend, Richard, passed away on March 31. We're from same hometown. His family and mine attended same church in our teens. We both moved away years ago. Richard was 2 years my senior.

Richard came out sometime in the mid-1990s.

My sister and I are noticing that only 4 people have signed Richard's funeral memorial online wall (it's been established since 3 days ago). No family has posted. No photo of Richard. There is NO actual newspaper obituary for Richard where he'd resided in adulthood, and none in our hometown newspaper. :-( He's been cremated.

There is supposedly going to be a Celebration of Life in Richard's honor later, in our hometown; but no further word on that. No date set.

Sister and I (especially me) are thinking this is homophobia at work. Sorry if that sounds naive, but we're both straight and obviously haven't had a lot of direct experience with homophobia.

Or are we jumping to conclusions? I'm also thinking Richard's family, who are near enough to those Westboro loons, might want to protect him and themselves.

Richard was like a brother to my sister and I. We are really hurting, and concerned for his memory being properly respected and honored.

Will someone please provide me an insight? It'd be appreciated, and thank you. :-)

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