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 Posted: 2014-03-30 01:49 pm
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Greetings, friends!

My name is Vladimir Shahijanian and I'm quite old. I am over 70 and I've been dealing with homosexuality for 30 years: I have been studying and writing about it.
This text is translated from Russian to English by my assistant. You can often see us at our videochatĀ.

Backing the rights of gay people is difficult in Russia. But now it's much easier than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Back then you could've gotten in jail for homosexual relations.
So, let's be friends. Probably you can help me with some interesting life stories. Right now I'm writing a book about homosexuality in Russa and worldwide. What do you think, is there a future for Russian LGBT community? How can we improve current situation? You can contact me via my website or my assistant. His name is Dmitry Lazarev, his adress is

There're good people here. I wish you luck and if by any chance you are coming to Russia I'll be happy to meet you personally.

Best regards
Vladimir Shahijanian

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