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 Posted: 2014-03-22 06:03 am
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My name is bryan. after a long hard raising the bible belt (being gay and an atheist) i live in colorado now, where I'm fully out. i wear my rainbow peace sign/heart socks, told my kentucky raised step father to fuck off,in my little fraiser kind of way..(@ "full vocal capacity" haha)., i out now :) its really nice. I'm an surrealist artist, I've started school for psychology (goingng all the way with that one, can't wait for that masters someday). Ilove the show Daria, fraiser, and the movie a brave new world. i like books a lot. a lot. I'm the loner type. i have a "friend" whom im in love with but have settled for the mean time :)/:( mixed feeling on that one. i like to talk a lot but for some wierd reason i get nervous around large groups. alcohol, some drugs (used to be a meth head, left that life behind me :). Real freedom (if you've never been there you'll never know, i hope you don't know though.) I like to think that someday ill see myself FULLY ME. and not as my mistakes or my good qualities, but as a person whose wotlrth.something without all that.

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