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 Posted: 2014-02-07 05:39 am
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makelovenotwar wrote: marshmallow wrote: Does Reddit have alot of people coming in and giving others a hard time?

There is alot of there out there in forum land!  that is why I started this one - to offer a really safe place for people to connect.  I have found it so frustrating that I can't get a buzz going though.  Maybe I need to try an incentive program of some sort ......

oh dear yes, Reddit is rife with MRA's and haters, as a feminist I simply can't go there

I've not seen much of that on /r/asktransgender. There may be more on other subreddits, but the LGBT ones I visit are pretty much devoid of any sort of hate.

Transgender folks, please also see in addition to this site.
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