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 Posted: 2014-02-06 04:51 pm
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Hi there.  So Nikel suggested it might be a good idea for me to introduce myself.  I didn't realize people might be wondering about who the Admin really is. :cool: 

By the way, I am also Marshmallow.  I try to post under Marshmallow - but sometimes I'm just too lazy to switch out of Admin before I post.  :whatever:

I've been an out lesbian for about 30 years now.  I grew up in a small suburb of cleveland, Ohio but moved out to San Francisco when I was 23 because I thought it would be a fun place to come out.  It really was fun I have to say!  The energy there is great and it allowed me to not only be out but proud!  I still remember standing at the rallies when the movement to come out and not be silent was just starting up.  Way good times partying in that city too! 

I have since moved back to the Cleveland area and have become aware of how much harder it is to be out in the midwest.  San Francisco and other liberal areas make it so much easier.  But most of us live in smaller towns and more conservative towns - where it takes courage to be out.  And alot of self awareness to be proud.

I was a product photographer for many years and am just sorta doing different things for work now.  I'm married to the woman I met in San Francisco and we've been together for 28 years.  Married 8 years.  We got married in Canada.  Really loved it there!  Then went on an Alaskan cruise for our honeymoon!  You know you found the woman of your dreams when you get married 20 years after first hooking up!  What can I say - she has beautiful blue eyes!

I started this forum because I noticed that a good amount of the lgbt forums/chat sites had a lot of homophobic bullshit going on in them and I wanted to offer a place for our community to be able to connect without any negativity and homophobic energy.

I have had a difficult time getting this forum to really buzz - so if you have any suggestions - or can spread the word around to your friends - I'd really appreciate it!  I want this site to work and all of you to have a fun and safe place to connect.  Wouldn't that be something to have an on-line family that can really support each other? 

Please remember to not only post your original posts - but also look around and respond to other people's posts.  It is so important to people to know that others are thinking about what they have to say and taking the time to respond.

Have a most wonderful day!  Be proud, be strong - and enjoy your life being who you are..... :)

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