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 Posted: 2014-01-25 02:52 am
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Wow. I. Am so sorry to have such a mean, hurtful family responding to your sexuality. It seems they have done more bad than good.

Anywho, as far as your girlfriend goes, see if there is anyway at all to move in with her if she has an apartment. Being with your family right now seems like the most unhealthy thing at the moment. Try and get some space to sort stuff out.

Next, try and tell your parents how much their comments hurt you, and that you really wish they could be more supportive of your decisions. That's their job. If not, tell them I wish them week in hell.

Finally, nice job for being confident in yourself! You sound like a strong girl who doesn't let much get bast her shield. Keep being like that, and you'll do great.

P.s I would love to be friends!!!

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