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 Posted: 2014-01-17 01:08 pm
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Greetings, people! Our friends - All-Ukrainian Public Organization "Gay-Alliance Ukraine", creating and providing the conditions to achieve equal rights and opportunities for representatives from the LGBT-community both at the legislative level and in the all possible areas of their lives in Ukraine – are calling for help! The situation is that our people in conditions of ongoing tough political confrontation in Ukraine practically appear now to stay between the devil and the deep blue sea. Gay-Alliance in Ukraine has already warned gay people to avoid their going into the cities' streets and protests with LGBT attributes, as certain provocations take place:

Where else but in Ukraine gay people now need that assistance on behalf of entire LGBT community? Ukraine must become the main object of close attention in the issue! Extremely important it is now to give our joint assistance and support to our people in Ukraine, at least it is much more important than participating in that openly politically motivated boycott of the upcoming Olympics. Let us stop that political manipulation of gay people! Boycott Ukraine!! Maximum repost, please.

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