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 Posted: 2013-11-17 10:03 am
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Hello, my name is Scott McKernan and I am a gay Christian myself. I agree that we do not need to approve of everything everyone does, but I would add that if you do not approve of homosexuality (if that's what you mean?) then I understand why your friends left you. I apologise if that hurts.
As a Christian I have studied the scriptures at length because I needed to know if I was okay or not. I needed to know what God thought of me.

As a result of my study and soul searching I concluded that the Bible does not say anything negative about homosexuality or being gay. I have written a book called Can Christians Be Gay? that can be found at if you want to you are welcome to purchase a copy or read my blog to get educated on these matters.
if you are disapproving of homosexuality then you are disapproving of your friend's being. If this is what is happening then this is why they leave.

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