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 Posted: 2013-11-09 09:14 pm
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Hello, I am a 30 year old mother of two..... My first kiss was with a girl and I've been back and forth between men and women over the years being labeled as a bisexual.... I was chastised and bullied being called a Lesbian which I am now proud to say I am. Currently, I am seperating from my husband and have reconnected with a past love of mine and can't wait to start my life with her. It is a struggle and I'm reaching out to anyone who may have go e through a similar situation....even though my husband knew of my past he is taking it really hard and I of course feel awful about it; not about being a Lesbian, but because he is hurting and because I am pursuing this other relationship while we are going through the divorce. People keep giving me their opinions about how I should go about things for the kids sake. While I really want to move right on in with my love and start our lives, I am thinking a transitional period of time or the kids is important so am considering being on our own for almost a year and then introducing the new relationship so until then it would be long distance. I am so torn any suggestions? Thanks for reading an for your help.

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