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 Posted: 2013-10-11 11:10 pm
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Hi, I'm new to this, I guess some might say I've been in denial, but I really don't feel that way, it's just that my upbringing was such, I never let myself explore my sexuality like I would have otherwise.

I'm 43, divorced, look a lot younger, smooth, blonde, not really feminine, not not strongly masculine. I was married, pretty happily for 20 years, and we explored some things, but nothing like this, and I guess my only regret is not having explored sooner.

When my marriage broke up, after getting over it, I took a new job, and there was this guy there, not in the same department, but I saw him every day at work and we would often share breaks and lunches together, we became fast friends quite quickly. Ray is a tall, handsome black/latino guy, about 6'4" and very muscular and masculine. I never even suspected he was gay until he told me. I told him I was OK with that, that it didn't change anything. We went on being friends, but now, sometimes we'd talk about our sex lives, or lack thereof, and I can't help but admit, I was always curious to hear about his encounters and conquests.

It didn't take long before I got the feeling he was interested in more. I've always had a curiosity, nothing I ever even thought of acting on before, but when he asked me on a date, I was shocked and nervous, even though it was flattering. I quickly told him I'm not really into other guys, but I think he knew, deep down, there was a bit of curiosity on my part, because he kept in for a few weeks. He wasn't rude or overly aggressive, just kept telling me I should open my mind to it and that he knew I'd like it, if I'd just give him one date. Maybe it's because I never got offended or upset at his advances, it was quite flattering, and I can't even say I didn't kind of flirt in a way, even though I continued to refuse him, but he kept on saying, he knew it was just a matter of time till I gave him a chance.

As this went on, gradually, even I couldn't deny his advances were becoming arousing to me; when he'd make a comment on how cute my ass was, or how much he wanted to show me how good sex between men could be, I found myself starting to warm to the idea, sometimes even getting a hardon when he was extra persistent. He even noticed a few times, and commented, saying it would be any day now I'd go on a date with him and change my life for the better. Pretty soon it was impossible for me not to get a hardon when he'd start in, even other co workers started talking. I started noticing things like how sexy his muscled body was, the very prominent large bulge his dick made in his pants, more and more I couldn't take my eyes off that, and imagining all the pleasures it might give me.

Pretty soon, this progressed into pretty hardcore flirting, even to the point of grabass, and I wasn't even pretending his advances were unwelcome, even in front of co-workers, but I still resisted that first date. Finally, one day recently after a few after work beers and a joint, I gave in, told him I'd go on a date with him and be open minded about it; turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.

He was pretty insistent about how he wanted things. I had to agree to letting him take control on our date, I wasn't sure, but I figured I'd gone this far and I agreed, he stressed though he meant total control, we would do what he wanted on the date, no questions or arguments from me, I was just along for the ride and to give him a chance to show me what I was missing. I was scared, but very excited, and I agreed, I would submit totally to him for our date, one date, with the promise of more if I liked it as much as he thought I would.

He picked me up, took me to dinner, while we had drinks before dinner, he kissed me for the first time. It felt very odd to have a black man, far bigger and obviously dominant than me, kissing me in public, and it was not just a casual kiss, but a deep lingering passionate kiss and I responded, it felt very natural even so. Then it was off to a club; was also very strange because it was a gay club, but it was OK, and again felt oddly natural. We danced, and he got pretty personal on the dance floor, lots of hot kissing, and touching my body. I was absolutely astounded at how good and natural it felt and how easily it came to me. I had never been even close to as turned on sexually as I was then. I would have done anything for him at that point.

When we got back to my place, we fell into kissing right away, and he wasted no time getting my clothes off me. My little cock was so hard and sprang free when he took down my underwear, he gave my ass a good smack and I was shocked but so aroused. He sat me down on his lap nude, him still fully clothed and we made out while he worked on my boi pussy with his fingers and I rubbed at his dick though his pants. I had never been so turned on, not even close with a woman, I wanted him so bad I'd have paid for it.

Finally, I got his god like dick out of his pants, I'd never had another man's penis in my hands before, but nothing ever felt more natural or arousing as I began to lovingly stroke it to full hardness. I couldn't believe how much I was loving this, my own little cock so hard I thought it would burst as I began to do the unthinkable, to suck another man's dick. I was so entranced, I licked and sucked on the head, all I could fit in my mouth while my hands went to work on that massive shaft and heavy balls. I sucked him for all I was worth, giving the best head I could allowing for his massive size. I was rewarded with my first taste of cum as he spurted hot heave streams into my mouth and throat. I knew right then, from now on, oral sex for me would mean this, sucking dick and loving it. I was kind of amazed when he smacked my ass and said it was time for me to learn how to really be his bitch.

Wasn't even three minutes before he was hard as before, had me in position above him, facing him so I could experience getting fucked for the first time. I couldn't believe how natural and good this felt, or that I'd waited so long in life to explore this. I felt his massive head press hard against my boi pussy, and then it popped in, causing searing pain, but he continued to pull me down on him ever deeper till he was all in, balls deep, it hurt so bad I almost cried out and I tried to get away, but he held me down firm all the way in, and told me to relax as he began kissing me and kissing my neck. I hadn't even thought about condoms, I just needed to feel him inside me, but the pain gave me my first second thoughts.

Gradually I relaxed, him still holding me down, balls deep inside me, soon that pain began to melt into the most pleasurable sensation I've ever had. We began to kiss more passionately and he began to work himself in and out of my tight but willing virgin hole. We built a rhythm, and soon I was riding him pretty hard, it still was a bit of pain because he is extremely well hung, but the pleasure was so much more intense than anything I've ever known. We fucked like that a long time before he got me on all fours and went to town doggy style. It felt so natural and right the whole evening, I knew I was never gonna bother with women again. He ended up staying the night and fucking me all night in so many positions, filling me over and over with hot cum. I've since decided to be more careful, but got lucky on that one, and I'm glad I got to experience my first time bare. It was so much more intimate and pleasurable that way. We have seen each other a couple times since, I'm gonna date other guys too, but so far it's just him, but he was the one who thinks I should date a bit, before getting serious. Until then though, I'm enjoying the hell out of him and since we already went there, it's great we can bareback, cuz I know I'm the only place he's getting any.

I'm still shocked at myself. Don't know how I could go my whole life not trying something that is so right for me.

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