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 Posted: 2013-09-19 11:20 pm
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So this is me saying hey. I am a 22 year old bisexual girl. Perhaps even more pansexual I suppose. I love people without gender ever being an issue. That is not something I look at.

I have been dealing with depression lately. I am constantly hit with my regrets when I am deep in thought. I am in a bit of a bad relationship with a man. He is a bit abusive... and never sees me as I really am. I have to be straight in his eyes. This relationship might come to an end someday.. I am waiting for that day so that I can tell the girl that I fell in love with long ago about my true feelings. I missed my chance in highschool because of my religious upbringing.. I was too scared to push that boundary. Now that I have lived away from that for five years I gained a better understanding of my desires.

I have yet to tell my family of my sexuality. No reason to at the current time. The man in my life knows, but as I said.. he didn't take it too well and neither did his family. However, my friends all back me up. So I get a decent amount of support from them.

I hate hiding. I hate surviving off of lesbian/bi pornography >:| because my man don't like to satisfy me in the ways I need >.> Uhg... I think I am just in an unhealthy relationship and lifestyle. I crave change and freedom to be me. *Hugs* thanks for listening!

I know she will never see this, but Mercedes I love you :3 that time you held my hand when I walked you to class was probably the highlight of my entire highschool experience. I wanted to kiss you before sending you off. LOL The fact that I didn't became one of my regrets I constantly think about.

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