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 Posted: 2013-08-13 10:09 pm
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I feel for you.  There is nothing as tough as a broken heart from your first luv.  I think it is even worse with first same sex relationships.  I can still remember my first heartbreak. 

After she dumped me - and she did it meanly and cut me down a bunch - I kept going out and meeting other woman and it didn't take me too long to see that this woman who I had been so crushed over wasn't really all that.  I hooked up with much better women for sure. 

So, I know you really hurt but you have to get out there and meet other people.  Just make friends at first and explore your hobbies and interests.  Go back to the lgbt support center cause I'm pretty sure they will have some sort of support group you can go to.  I mean, we all know us lesbians luv to process!  On this website, I would suggest you read other member's posts and start up conversations with them.  There is more than one broken heart on this site!  ;)

Treat yourself well and just get out there.  You will soon realize you have so many more options.  If she doesn't get who you are and doesn't totally luv you, then don't waste your time missing her!  Definitely do not shy away from other lesbian relationships cause she probably isn't the only woman who can "float your boat"....

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