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 Posted: 2013-08-08 04:41 am
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Wow, very compelling question! I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian household, and was always taught that homosexuality was a sin. When I deconverted at about age 21, a lot of my attitudes about the world started to change. To this day I honestly still have a negative connotation with Christianity because of past experiences. but after reading Miriam Winell's book "Leaving the Fold" it made me realize that I did gain some positive things from my Christian upbringing, such as an awareness that I'm a part of something much bigger than myself.

I've also realized that there are a very broad spectrum of Christians in the world. There are Christians who are gay, Christians who are transgender, Christians who are pro-choice, Christians who have tattoos and go skydiving and curse like sailors...the only real thing that all Christians have in common is that they hold Jesus in high regard in their lives. Interpretations of the bible vary quite widely. So I have to consciously remember to put my bias aside when dealing with a Christian, because being a part of a religion is just one aspect of  the person and not an indicator of who they are as a whole. Not everyone sees it that way though. Human beings have a tendency to discriminate in order to protect themselves. So if someone decides not to be your friend because you're a christian, just know that they're acting on experiences they've had in their past, not necessarily reacting to you.

voxeylady wrote: Religion is so wildly all over the place depending which crazy superstition you find the most compelling...

It's not that I couldn't be friends with somebody religious... It's that I would sincerely doubt their capacity for understanding reality and therefore usually get nothing more than patronization of my existence from them at the best. So... I can be acquaintances with a religious person.... Actual close friends? I'd count it as generally unlikely to happen...

So it's more based on your disregard for religion, not necessarily what a religious person may think about LGBT people?

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