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 Posted: 2013-08-07 10:11 pm
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Hi.  This is a great question and discussion topic.  You are absolutely right - the respect for each other's beliefs goes both ways.  I certainly try to do that myself but I have to be honest that when I am getting to know someone and I find out they are real religious (as opposed to spiritual), I automatically back away.  For me it comes from the fact that organized religion is the single strongest force that fights against the lgbt lifestyle and whom demonize our community on a daily basis. 

Example, I went to a catholic church once because they were going to mention my cousin who passed away.  Unfortunately, I had to leave because during the sermon the priest talked about how proud he was that the catholic church was winning the fight against same sex marriage - and everyone in the church applauded.  I felt like I was in the midst of my enemy.  Imagine what would have happened if I had shown any affection to my significant other at that moment - a lynching?  who knows....

That being said, I do realize not all people involved in organized religion feel that way - but do I want a friend that supports that establishment?  That is the question I struggle with.

I think this is a great topic and I'm going to send it out to our community and hopefully we'll get more responses!

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